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Adele Meadows – Speaker, Author, YouTube Host


As seen in her background, Adele wanted and needed help for her own Complex Parenting scenario, but she could not find anything that covered the broad spectrum of interdependent challenges of adoption, health, LGBTQ, trauma and divorce.  So Adele learned not just to survive the journey, but to thrive from it through her own resources.  She is now on a mission to help other parents in similar situations.


Adele Meadows was a single parent with a sabotaging ex-husband.  She raised their 2 adopted daughters with mental illnesses, learning disabilities & identified as different LGBTQ.  Adele suffered 4 major depressions, lost 2 executive jobs and went on disability several times while managing a suicidal child.  Yet today, she is happily living a healthy & fulfilled retirement.

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Services Provided

Adele Meadows’ unique experience of raising 2 adopted children with health and LGBTQ challenges makes Adele a formidable speaker on the subject of Complex Parenting.  Adele will speak at any relevant event that will help other parents and you can visit her YouTube Channel for her regular videos on various topics of Complex Parenting.

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